Telephone etiquette is an extremely important part of a coordinator’s performance. The first and ongoing impression a client gains on the phone will stay in their mind.

Always answer the phone with a smile in your voice. Use the standard greeting: “Thank you for calling Salon Rootz, this is ______, at the front desk how may I help you?”


  • Tone of your voice. It’s all about tone and how you sound on the phone. Try not to sound like a monotone robot with a sarcastic microchip on its shoulder. Try sounding as if you have been awaiting their phone call all day long. Answer the phone with a smile your voice instantly projects a “grin” upon doing so. Smiling also becomes contagious.  When you pay attention to the client from the start you can instantly win their trust. Calling the salon sounds easy-peasy, but what if you’re a first time caller looking to try on a new salon? What if you are extremely indecisive and unsure where to begin?  Pretend like this is your best friend calling who is in dire need of serious help. Be a friend.


  • Try to utilize caller id. Imagine how thrilled Mrs. Smith will be when she asks, “Does Sheila have any openings next Thursday” and you reply with, “Would this be Mrs. Smith by chance? For you – anything. Let me see what time I can get you in. What works best for you?” You just made her day by eliminating the “Can I get your name” mumbo-jumbo. She now feels like a VIP and that’s exactly what you want to do—make them feel special, wanted and most of all important.


  • Getting placed on hold is by far the most unpleasant experience out there. Time feels like it comes to a complete halt and 20 seconds feels like a lifetime. But we all know it is sometimes inevitable. When calls have to be placed on hold, make sure you politely ask them if you CAN place them on hold. It is a nice, common courtesy that speaks volumes for the salon. Wait for a response; take care of the other line (putting them on hold, if necessary), then return, saying, “thank you for holding”. If you have a complicated situation, or need to repeatedly put someone on hold, ask if you may take their number and return their call in a few moments, when you can better serve them. If you have a client in front of you checking-out and the phone is ringing, politely excuse yourself from the transaction, answer the phone, gauge what the caller needs, if necessary place them on hold and complete the client in front of you’s transaction.  (This is because if the client calling only needs to know what time their appointment is today that easily rectifies that call and prevents a needed call back)


  • Try keeping questions at bay and really listen to what the caller is saying. One of the biggest complaints out there has to be when the person on the other end of the phone isn’t paying attention and asking questions for things the caller has already stated.


  • When you ask the new caller questions be sure to ask questions that elicit specifics from the client.  Examples:


Customer: “I’d like to book an appointment”

You: “Do you have a particular stylist in mind?”

“Will that be for a haircut?”

“Would you like to book a haircut with your color?”

“Have you been here before?”

“What day/time would you like to come in?”

Customer: “I need to have my hair colored”

You: “Would you like a highlight, root color?”

“Is that for a full foil or a partial?”

Customer: “How much are your haircuts?”

You: “Our haircuts start at $37, and include a consultation, Stress Relieving Scalp Massage, shampoo, conditioning, styling and a complimentary cosmetic touch-up. We offer free bang and neckline trims between appointments. May I book your appointment?”

Always repeat back all scheduling information. Use good grammar and a professional manner. Do not chew gum while on the phone.

Never give a customer a “dead end”: if you don’t know the answer to a question, ask if you may find out and call them back (do so, as quickly as possible). If clients are looking for something we don’t offer, or need additional help, refer them to someone else in the salon that may help them, if possible.

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