“Million dollar words produce million dollar results.”-Kristi Valenzuela

Our goal day in and day out is to be newer, better, bigger and different than our competition!

Successful retail sales at the front desk has the potential to increase the salons gross revenue by at least 25%.  If a client has to “read” the shelves “looking” for product it is already too late. At the front desk we need to communicate, communicate, communicate!  There is a common known fear that acts a barrier that we will be breaking.  When it comes down to it, individuals CHOOSE not to sell retail because of two things: They are afraid of being rejected and hearing the word “no”, OR they are afraid of being too pushy.  Through our life experiences from early childhood to adulthood people are conditioned to associate the word “no” with the following meanings: danger, fear, and stop. Unfortunately, the negative association that most people have with the word “no” can lead to retail phobia. Today is step 1 in conquering retail phobia!


  • 8 out of 19 clients will purchase a product for their hair 24 hours after their hair service
  • An average of 3 out of 10 clients purchase product before they leave the salon

What would our profits look like if our salon doubled the amount of retail sales? That would be great, right? Now, how can we accomplish that?

  • Consultative-Educational Selling: Selling retail through an educational sell is less like selling and more like solving the clients “problem”.  Clients love to buy – for themselves and their family and friends! If you say something like, “We have some new products in, why don’t you take a look,” you aren’t talking about what the product does or why it might be good for the client and their hair. Try something like this instead, “Hi Jen! Sheila is looking forward to seeing you today. While you are waiting, she asked me to show you a few new products that you might be interested in. We have this new Summer favorite that helps keep your hair smooth, even on super humid days. And, I’m really excited about this one because I do so much swimming in the Summer. It’s a new three-minute conditioner that is great for people who spend a lot of time in the sun and in the pool. It really helps with split ends and frizzy, dry hair. We have a ‘buy one hair product, get one free’ special right now. So, it is a really good time to pick these up for your Summer look.”  Now you have successfully solved their problem AND sold a retail product. Remember, clients who buy retail products are actually more loyal to the salon. So, not only will you bring in more sales through retail, you’ll also gain a loyal client who returns over-and-over again for services.
  • Millennium is your best friend: Millennium is not only an appointment book, it is also a customer management database.  Utilize the tools Millennium offers you to engage the client with retail, ESPECIALLY at check-out.  For example when Jen LeBlanc checks out Millennium shows you ALL the retail products they have purchased and when.  Utilize this as a cheat sheet to say: For Example: “Jen how is the new well-being shampoo working out for you? Great Julie.  Julie: Just so you know Jen all our our Davines products are 25% off this month so this would be a great time to stock up and also earn those loyalty points.  Now you’re not “selling”, your having a conversation 100% guided by Millennium
  • You ARE a salesperson: As a front desk coordinator you are not a receptionist, not a stylist babysitter, you are a salesperson of the Rootz brand. Every day you sell your skills and knowledge to our clients and prospective clients and this is why they trust you, because you know what you’re doing. YOU are the trained expert and part of your job is to know what the client should be using on their hair. If it’s done properly, it’s not hard sell it’s a heart sell. If you think your client should have a few inches cut off and some highlights put in, would you say to them “I want to chop a couple of inches off and give you some highlights”? No, it’s too abrupt and would probably scare your client away. But if you said, “I really think that we should take a little length around here, bring it in around your face, which would really compliment your face shape, and add a few highlights to give your overall color some definition”. Don’t you think that sounds much more appealing? Give your client a reason for wanting what you suggest and they will want it. The same rule applies to retail products.




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