“Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.”-Madeline Bridges

“True greatness consists in being great in the little things.”-Charles Simmons

In the salon industry the “front line” plays an extremely important role in a salon’s overall “bottom line”.  Our business begins and ends at the front desk.  Our appointment book = the salon’s future.  The more we invest in it, the higher our returns will be.  Be a “daymaker”!  The client’s experience is remembered long after the price is forgotten.  Our goal is to make price irrelevant! You are the first impression client’s receive when entering the salon, your valuable role is assisting our team in exceeding client’s expectations upon every visit.  Make the client feel welcome, comfortable, important and understood.


  • Departmentalize tasks each day: There is always two front desk coordinators staffed each day.  Delegate tasks amongst each other to best execute each day’s tasks.  Your number one focus is the clients.  Give each and every client 110% effort during each interaction you have with them throughout their visit.  There should NEVER be a client within the salon that you have not interacted with at least ONCE.  Ex’s- hand massages, beverage, coat, a smile and a hello.
  • Utilize downtime: Everyday has its insane busy periods along with bouts of inactivity.  In our quest to become a GREAT “service” company this time becomes vital in “going the extra mile”.  Use this time to spend some time on the phone with clients.  Make confirmation calls, that call is a great opportunity to inform clients of additional appointments that are available, or to let them know of any special promotions going on that they can take advantage of.  Walk the salon, provide hand massages, and ask them if they need a refill on their beverage.  Straighten products on display and dust, fold towels, keep desk looking clean and orderly!
  • First names: People inherently like to hear their first names.  We would like you to use each client’s first name at a minimum of five times from their first initial call into book their appointment to the time when they check-out.  Utilize the Millennium check-in, check-out feature to make greeting with a first name easier.
  • Customer Personalization: Recognize special occasions immediately (Birthday, Wedding, Homecoming, Prom, New Baby, engaged).  Utilize Millennium to assist in this, example- thank them for past referral, acknowledge a preference you may remember. Ex. Black coffee, or Diet coke. If it is raining or snowing offer to walk EACH client out with an umbrella.
  • The weather challenge: The only businesses surviving with long-term sustainability are the ones fanatical about differentiating themselves through the customer experience they deliver.”-John DiJulius  Go above and beyond each clients service expectation.  If they call you and ask you where a local dry cleaner is, or better yet what is the weather in San Francisco?   Your response is “Certainly Mr. Smith let me look that up for you right now”!
  • Phone: We do not want ANY client to ever receive vm.  Carry the cordless phone! When a client receives voice mail it then lengthens the process of them being able to book an appt.

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