Here at Salon Rootz the difference is believing that both education and talent is the key to this industry. Each team member continues to stay focused, inspired and up to date on current services through rigorous training programs. The Salon Rootz mission is to create a personal, individual and unforgettable experience built on passion, integrity, creativity and community! 

“We are artisans with a driving work ethic and an expansive heart who will exceed your expectations with every visit!

Day in and day out we “live” in our culture, we embrace it!

Here is how:

We want our standards to be what our competition considers above and beyond.

The enemy of “great” is “good enough”.  A good or satisfying experience is not enough.  To keep people coming back for more, companies have to do more than just satisfy, why? Because satisfied customers aren’t loyal customers.  Think about what the word “satisfied” really means to us as consumers.  It means that the company we are doing business with hasn’t done anything wrong yet to make us feel the need to go elsewhere; similarly, the company has yet to do anything significant to make us loyal.  Therefore, we are indifferent, meaning we are ripe to try a competitor.

A company’s overall performance can be positive, but a breakdown by location or department can reveal inconsistencies and weak performers that can eventually threaten the brand’s overall reputation.

What is the value of making your customers happy, as in really happy?  They come back, and they come back often, and they bring their friends, and sales and profits increase.  For proof, here’s a comparison of “highly satisfied” and simply “satisfied” customers:

  • Highly satisfied are twice as likely to return
  • Highly satisfied are three time more likely to recommend the business to others
  • Best of all, businesses with more “highly satisfied” customers have higher sale growth. Loyal customers are this driving force.

Companies that deliver great customer experiences will transform browsers into shoppers, transform repeat customers into regulars, and transform regulars into devotees.

Customer loyalty is won or lost at the front lines.  Behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated.  Think of your last trip to Starbucks, you would likely say the experience was rewarding.  They’ve built an emotional bank account with you.  Customers become loyal because over a period of time they have highly satisfying experiences.  Companies spend millions creating and advertising their brands, yet the actual in-store experience is what drives customer perception.  Inconsistent experiences can kill a brand.


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