We connect with people in the salon through communication, and we communicate with our clients through conversation.

  1. Speak with clarity

Clarity is power. When you speak with clarity people understand what you are saying to them and the message you are trying to convey.

  1. Speak with compassion

When you speak with compassion, people know you truly care about them, have empathy for them and have their best interests at heart. This one is very important and sometimes overlooked.

  1. Speak with conviction

When you speak with conviction, people believe what you are saying to them and are prepared to go along with it. Example retail products you have recommended to them.

  1. Speak with confidence

When you speak with confidence about what you are saying to them, people are inspired and more likely to be moved to action by your words.

In today’s world, communication skills are vital. To me they go hand in hand. Learn to discipline yourself to talk only 20% of the time and listen attentively for 80% of the time. Maintain eye contact with people because it shows respect, and the greatest gift you can give our clients is the gift of your attention. Remember also that questions are more important than answers. Try asking open ended questions that engage them and get them talking (instead of you!). Show enthusiasm for what you do – it shows, and passion sells in more ways than one.

It’s not about just being having a staff of talented cutters or colorists today (although those skills are important), but people are looking for the whole package. Work hard to maintain your loyal bond with our clients.

And remember: If you want to impress in the salon, talk. If you want to influence, listen!

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