“You do not merely want to be considered just the best of the best.  You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do.”-Jerry Garcia

“To win brand loyalty companies need to establish strong emotional bonds with their guests, one transaction at a time, involving face to face contact.  A brand has a face.”-John Fleming-Gallup

Our appointment book = the salon’s future.  The more we invest in it, the higher our returns will be.  Have you ever heard the term: “It is easier to drill for oil in your own backyard”?  This means that it is easier for us to fill our book with our existing clients then to have to go out and find new ones.

  • Customer Intelligence: We need you to compile ALL necessary important fields for our Millennium database.  Especially preferred phone number placed in appropriate field (home vs cell) and email address. This is even of more importance now that we confirm appointments via text messaging and email confirmations.   Upon client check-out Millennium prompts you with the fields that are missing for that particular client; it only takes a few seconds to politely ask the client for the missing info.  The more thorough our database the more marketability we have with that client.
  • Top to bottom / bottom to top: Filling the appointment book in a systematic streamlined fashion to the best of your ability is a key component for each stylist to get the “most” out of their day. A 10 minute gap here, and a 15 minute gap there = loss of revenue for the salon and the stylist.
  • The “art” and reasoning of pre-booking: It is imperative to pre-book as it holds tremendous power and strength in the salons ability to grow. It is proven statistically that if you get your guests to pre-book every five weeks, you will see them at least two times more per year, increasing your revenue.  The numbers would break down like this:   If you booked 300 clients every 8 weeks and they spent about $50 per visit, you would make $90,000 a year. But if you pre-booked them to come in every 5 weeks, you would increase your income to $150,000 a year. That’s a whopping $60,000 difference!!  Not only is pre-booking lucrative, but it also means more consistency in the stylists schedule, making it easier to plan their week and reduce scrambling to fill last-minute gaps.
  • “Today” is priority: Do your best to fill “today” first by suggestion, instead of dates in the future for the client.
  • Commissioned Employees First: If new clients / clients do not ask for Jen & Sheila specifically fill them with other commissioned employees first.  Try to work left to right and remember who got the last call to keep new client attrition fair.

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